Before Surgery (Warning, Graphic)

I am making a note of what I look like before surgery. I am highlighting areas that will be removed. I know and have seen worse Hidradenitis Suppurative pictures. I don’t want to get that bad. I am sharing my story so that anyone who has Hidradenitis can see my journey and make informed decisions on what they might want to do to help themselves. My choice, since antibiotics, creams, and anti-inflammatory treatments have not worked, is to have surgery, go on a mostly AIP diet, not smoke, take weekly diluted bleach baths, and lose weight.

I will take surgery pictures after my surgery so you can see what it will look like should you choose that option and pictures after I heal.

You can see scarring from past boils that have popped and healed over the last 13 years.

Left Arm Pit
Left Armpit 
Left Leg and Buttocks
Left Leg and Buttocks


Left Leg
Left Leg
Right Groin
Right Groin
Right Leg and Buttocks
Right Groin and Buttocks

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